A successful human being

It’s good to want to be successful, and do whatever it takes. But even better, is to be a complete human being. And that’s much harder than being a workaholic.*
(Hugh Macleod)

When we create something with practical elegance, we are investing time and energy in a user experience that satisfies the user more than it helps the bottom line of the company that made it. […] When a designer combines functionality with delight, we’re drawn to whatever she’s produced. That’s the elegance we’re searching for in our built world. […] As soon as a product or system creator starts acting like the user has no choice, elegance begins to disappear.**
(Seth Godin)

My hope is to live both a practical and an elegant life.

The other day I shared these words from Eugene Peterson:

As the scholastics used to say: ‘Homo non proprie humanus sed superhumanus est‘ –which means that to be properly human, you must go beyond being merely human.^

I like Peterson’s gentle and kind way of reflecting on how we can be human.

There is no one way to be properly human – this is the adventure that is open to all of us to explore in our own ways.

We may begin with the question, What does it mean to you to be human?

My response to this question is: to live with creativity, generosity and enjoyment.

This question is a starting point only, hopefully leading us into our values, talents and life experiences, sports that we might explore these as gateways into more: options, possibilities and choices – life that is not only practical, but elegant, too.

*From gapingvoid’s blog: This kind of hard work;
**From Seth Godin’s blog: Practical elegance
^From Eugene Peterson’s Run with the Horses.

2 thoughts on “A successful human being

  1. I like this conversation! I think to be the best human is to live compassionately, help others when you can, play and have fun, and I think creativity ties in with that!

  2. I like your response, Tiffany. It reminds me of something I wrote a while back about how compassion is about co-creating a solution or possibility with the person we are trying to help.

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