Grand detours

If you’re simply following [shortcuts] you probably won’t get anywhere interesting. It’s the detours that pay off.*
(Seth Godin)

As the scholastics used to say: ‘Homo non proprie humanus sed superhumanus est‘ – which means that to be properly human, you must go beyond being merely human.**
(Eugene Peterson)

Good choices open up possibilities, bad choices close them down.

Great choices make it possible for us to take the detour from being merely human to be properly human – something that will look different for each of us whilst being something we have in common.

Some of the very involve choosing humility, gratitude and faithfulness.

These open up integrity, (connectedness), wholeness (enoughness) and perseverance.

The real shortcuts are those that take a while to get to somewhere significant.

*From Seth Godin’s Actual shortcuts often appear to be detours;
**From Eugene Peterson’s Run With the Horses.

I was looking for a piece of paper to doodle on and this was on the other side from quite a few years ago – happenstance.

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