The story of where I live and what I live for

Our lives are a process of constant discovery and invention. Each of us lives a unique human life.*
(Bill Sharpe)

Stories that have the enduring strength of myths reach through experience to touch the genius in each of us.**
(James Carse)

Myths pierce the explanations we give to our experiences, reaching to connect with the truth and wonder of who we are and what we can do lying deep within each of us. They have been told throughout the centuries in all shapes and forms around the globe in countless cultures and societies exploring what it is to be human. In other words, they help us to see there is more to us than meets the eye.

Too quickly, we compare ourselves with others, focusing on our limitations, but these are exactly what matter most, how we bring our particular thoughts and talents to play on the world as it is:

This is the pleasure of limits, the fun of play. Not doing what we want, but doing what we can with what is given.^

This kind of play respects the other, allows it to be what it is through openness rather than judgement. We are not in control but caught up in interactive, generative play:

If we write this down, as in journaling, we find ourselves creating a narrative that we can reflect upon and develop. Play is how we make more from less – with who we are and what we have, and between ourselves and the other.

Time to play reflect, play …

*From Bill Sharpe’s Three Horizons;
**From James Carse’s Finite and Infinite Games;
^From Ian Bogost’s Play Anything.

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