Hello and welcome to Thin|Silence.


For me, Thin|Silence best describes the emerging future, a glimpse at what might be.  Of course, there’s no such thing as the future.  There’s only now.  But by imagining the future we catch sight of what now can look like.

It’s what Humans do really well: imagine and create.

Thin|Silence can be easily missed – it’s a gentle whisper.  There’s no earthquake, powerful wind, or fire very often – simply an idea or a picture or a feeling lying quietly in a person’s life.  As a dream whisperer, it’s my joy and privilege to listen for these and to whisper them back.

It’s not wishful thinking.  It’s about patterns of skills and habits and passions people have been developing throughout their lives.  We wrongly believe these add up to only one kind of life, but, like the future, our lives can be many things.

This website is my personal challenge for 2014.  To post an idea or thought every day, but only if I can produce a cartoon to go with it.

I’m grateful to Hugh Macleod for inspiration, and gladly recommend  his books – Evil Plans, Ignore Everybody, and, Freedom is Blogging in Your Underwear – whilst I wait for his next one.

Thank you to Angela and New Media Awards: Angela for nominating me and NMA for shortlisting me for two awards: Blogger of the Year and Most Inspiring Leadership Blog.

I hope you enjoy,

Geoffrey Baines.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Afternoon – I have just had a wonderful hour and a half dipping into your thoughts, reflections and loving your cartoons. Will there be a hard copy at some stage? Thanks for the inspiration and thoughts – A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
    Have a good week
    Kind regards

  2. Thank you so much, Sue. I’m really glad you’ve found the posts and cartoons to be inspiring. The blog is my project for this year – to post every day, but only if I can create a cartoon. It will certainly be book-length at the end and it is a possibility, but no decisions until the end of the year.

  3. Great Geoffrey, Have dipped into more on this website this morning, Love the openhandedness it is so true, and picking up on the gatekeeper’s attitude or opportunity. In Scripture we read many instances of decisions being made at the gate, it is where the elders took counsel, where watch was kept in case of danger, but also to welcome visitors. May God’s plan for us be to welcome change to enhance and build on Christ’s value’s across our land with creativity.
    God’s blessing,

  4. Hello Jack. I hope you get this in time. Thank you for asking if it’s possible to use the doodle. Please do use it. It may be of low resolution. Let me know if you would like me to see if I have higher resolution version.

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