Making the most of what you have, and you have a lot more than you think

Your big break. Some people get one. Most people don’t. But, if you’re reading this, it means that you’ve received more than one, perhaps a countless number of, little breaks.*
(Seth Godin)

What if, instead of using our jobs to pay for our lives, we use our work to express the highest part of our beings: joy, passion, hope, meaning, and love.**
(Hugh Macleod)

The first thing we need to do is gather everything we have – I’m thinking especially of values, talents, significant experiences and energies.^

And a really good way to gather is to journal as it encourages reflection as we write and the development of a story, although you may begin with a list.

We are seeking to reply to two critical questions: Who is my True Self? and What is my contribution?

More to come. (There’s always more than we think.)

*From Seth Godin’s blog: Your big break;
**From gapingvoid’s blog: Create love or die.

^Towards identifying your energies, seek to be more aware of when you feely really energised and really de-energised. Make a not of each of these extreme experiences: what you are doing, why you are doing this, who you are doing it with or for, and when you are doing it – e.g., the beginning or end of something, or the time of day.

4 thoughts on “Making the most of what you have, and you have a lot more than you think

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