Too many ideas and what they add up to

Welfare: from the Old English – to fare well, get along successfully, prosper.

If you’ve gone through gathering and aggregating ideas this is the point at which you’ll probably confront the same problem I do every year: there are too many possibilities.*
(Rohit Bhargava)

I’ve been sharring how to use Rohit Bhargava’s trend-spotting steps of gathering and aggregating in order to see more of who we truly are and what our contribution can be.

Bhargava’s third step is elevating and involves identifying the things all the gathered and aggregated elements (values, talents, significant experiences and energies) have in common, not in order to generalise, but to highlight their uniqueness.

For the purpose of replying to our two questions, this translates into identifying what are our most enriching environments in which we prosper and flourish.

When this happens, we’re in the best place to help others.

*From Rohit Bhargava’s Non Obvious 2019.

3 thoughts on “Too many ideas and what they add up to

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