Be the kite

It seems to me the kite
Has all the fun,
The view,
The weightlessness,
The wind,
Ecstatic shudders,
Tail streaming out,
The urging higher,
The exhilarating dives,
And me down here
Left holding the string.*

Rebecca Elson

To be an artist is to be on the hook, to take your turn, to do the things that might not work, to see connection, to embrace generosity first, to change somehow, to be human.**
Seth Godin

Some thoughts emerging from putting these two pieces together:

Be the kite and the one holding the string: you are anchored and you are free.

The thing you must do is the hook which allows you to explore and soar, this to the joy of others.

Hooked isn’t “tied down.” Tied down is how it feels if we are not prepared to launch.

*From Rebecca Elson’s A Responsibility for Awe: The Kite;
**From Seth Godin’s What to Do when it’s Your Turn.

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