Naming new worlds of possibility

The truth of the matter is, true differentiation – sustainable differentiation – is rarely a functioning well-roundedness; it is typically a function of lopsidedness. The same can be said of excellence.*
(Youngme Moon)

This is day four of five in which we’re considering how Rohit Bhargava’s five trend-spotting steps can help us reply to the two questions: Who is my True Self? and What is my contribution?

Naming follows gathering, aggregating and elevating.

We’re looking to give our enriching environments a name or title that is simple and memorable, allowing us to quickly connect with who we are when moments of doubt or direction or decision appear.**

Here are some of the names different people I’ve been working with have given to their enriching environment: seeing small, the art of discovery, witness cleverness, relationships with purpose. These are memorable and their simplicity is intentionally on the far-side of complexity so they’re rich in depth.

Try this with your own enriching environments, the places you most prosper and also make your greatest contribution to others, as it were, where your deepest joy meets the world’s greatest need.

They don’t have to be tidy and may even include paradox; these can be some of the richest.

Have fun. Bhargava suggests mashing words together to create the name or using alliteration or twisting a word to make a new memorable word. You are naming real personal worlds.

*From Youngme Moon’s Different;
**You can also follow this exercise for your list of de-energising moments – identified because you need to know these whether you’re going to be able to avoid them or will have to manage them.

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