Notice love do

Never write a scene that’s merely a flat, static display of exposition; strive for this ideal: to create a story design in which every scene is a minor, moderate, or major turning point. Only then will your story structure stand firm.*
(Robert McKee)

you just need to make stuff, every day if you can, until something interesting appears**
(Martin Amor and Alex Pellew)

Small is quite a different thing to nothing.

Small things lead to moderate things lead to major things; we can try and get to the big things first but, really:

every idea starts out small.**

Turning up every day to the things that energise us and to mess around and play with what we notice most of all turns a moment into a minor turning point in a scene. Moderate and major turning points are more likely to follow.

This is not only about what we do. Turning up to what we are passionate about is also about who we are. The two were never meant to be separated.

(*From Robert McKee‘s newsletter: The Building Blocks of Your Story.)
(**From Martin Amor and Alex Pellew’s book The Idea in You.)

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