The everyday magic of turning up

When you feel the rush of fear as you put your point of view, your art, or your idea out into the world, this is not an invitation to step back into the shadows; it’s a sign that you are at the edge, right where you should be, exploring how things might be.*
(Martin Amor and Alex Pellew)

Who is my Self?
What is my contribution?

I’ll do it! sounds great but it means nothing until we actually turn up for the first time and then repeat.

Joseph Campbell’s identifying of the hero’s journey in stories from the deep past to the present and from all around the world makes clear to us that part of human consciousness is our need to step out and do something meaningful that will, in the process, change us: an adventure.

Take a look at the edge again. The fear comes from our human past. It’s not a mighty leap in front of you, it’s one step – the smallest iteration of what you want to do with what you have now.

You’ve begun.

(*From Martin Amor and Alex Pellew’s The Idea in You.)

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