4 the future of streaming


A very efficient way of fitting people into systems.

A very poor way of helping people to flourish as Humans and to contribute their best.

Many live through the entirety of their lives with an understanding of who they are and what they are able to achieve as the result of believing someone in a system: educational, religious, workplace, sporting, musical, artistic, political, etc. – every one streaming people.

What might a world look like where everyone is encouraged to explore their full capacity throughout their lives?  What would we have to lose, introduce, finance?

When you believe everyone has an incredible capacity to thrive you’ll begin to see just how all around you.

You will also see how systems can often be set up to thwart and frustrate the possibilities.

This is not what we are: Human Beings.  We are more, we are Human Becomings.*

(*Human Becomings is a term Alex McManus uses in Makers of Fire.)


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