The pushback

In landscape ecology, an ecotone is defined as “the border area where two patches meet that have a different ecological composition.  Think forest meets the ocean; meadow meets the woods; a desert becomes flush with a river.  These edges create lines of tension.  Call it a mete of creativity where the greatest diversity of species merge.*
(Terry Tempest Williams)

Love thine enemies because they are the instruments of your destiny.**
(Joseph Campbell)

Just when we think we’ve found the thing, what it is we must do in our lives, the direction we must take, the opportunity to be taken, the step out of the mundane, then something goes wrong, the chaos pushes back, hopes are dashed and we are left with our forlornness.

Sometimes, though not always, we may see here things we will not see anywhere else, possibilities beyond those we had previously imagined, the chance to grow and develop even more.  We need a way to process this, to see what it is, and we’ll be moving.

(*From Terry Tempest Williams The Hour of Land.)
(**Joseph Campbell, from Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers’ The Power of Myth.)

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