Guilty pleasures

Wildlife in woodlands appear without notice.  Awakened is what we become in their presence.  Curiosity leads us forward on an unknown path, even if it is a path of well-placed steps made out of pink granite here in Acadia.  For a precious moment we touch and taste life uninterrupted.  Awe sneaks up on us like love.  We surrender to the ecstatic outpouring of life before us.*
(Terry Tempest Williams)

We are becoming aware that the natural world is the womb in which our species is developing.**
(Alex McManus)

Pleasure is unable to stand up by itself.  Pleasure for it’s own sake can become quite nasty and ugly and taking.  But pleasure that derives from making or giving or relationship is quite another thing – something we need and the world in which we find ourselves makes possible:

From 5 September 2017

‘Human creativity suggests a thin fissure in a purely cause-and-effect view of the world.’^

Pleasure also comes from finding.  I love reading through my books in a morning and coming upon the treasures hiding within their pages, and I am also pleased to find wonderful things growing in the spaces between them – ideas and thoughts emerging from simply reading them side by side.

(My main reason for posting some thin|silence every day is not to provide some specific information on a particularsubject, but simply to offer a different place to look upon the things you love.)

We each have some guilty pleasure.  By guilty, I mean how we can feel as if we are taking something that isn’t ours or seeing something that others do not see.

Employers may think employees enjoying themselves are taking from them but the opposite is likely to be the case.  Pleasure allows people to give.  A guilty pleasure is something we enjoy but wonder if there is any value in, yet perhaps it will be thing that changes everything.

Last year I’d been reflecting on the speed of light whilst also reading about curiosity, and I found myself wondering what is the speed of our curiosity.  Where we find our curiosity to be fastest may have nothing to do with our work or contribution right now but may well be the thing that brings us to our greatest meaning whilst on Earth:

Allowing your ignorance, or allowing curiosity to lead you, is often the best guide to what to ask about.’^^

What is your guilty but good pleasure?

(*From Terry Tempest Williams’ The Hour of Land.)
(**From Alex McManus’ Makers of Fire – eBook version.)
(^From Alex McManus’ Makers of Fire.)
(**From Edgar Schein’s Humble Inquiry.)

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