And are we wise yet?

“What’s new?”

That’s a fine approach to staying up to date on a situation or field where you are well-informed.*
(Seth Godin)

It turns out to be very difficult to devise a theory to describe the universe all in one go.  Instead, we break the problem up into bits and invent a number of partial theories.  Each of these partial theories describes and predicts a certain limited class of observations, neglecting the effects of other quantities, or representing them by simple sets of numbers.’**
(Stephen Hawking)

I have learned many things but I am not very wise.

In Theory U, Wisdom 1.0 is someone telling others what they need to think … and do.

Wisdom 2.0 is about others taking the initiative to find things out and use them to their own benefit.

Wisdom 3.0 sees the shortfalls in this and adds the knowledge of others.

Only Wisdom 4.0 sees how we need to not only join up the wisdom of everyone, including those who have gone and those yet to be born, but also of all flora and fauna within an immense and expanding universe.

In such a world and universe, questions become more valuable than answers:

‘Answers cure you, answer help you.  Asking questions make you feel alive.’^

(*From Seth Godin’s blog: A good day for the backlist.)
(**From Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time.)
(^From Albert Espinosa’s The Yellow World.)

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