blue steel

29 purpose

[P]erhaps, the wild ones amongst us are our only hope in calling us back to our true nature.’*

‘The only way to fix a broken story is to embed it in a larger story, that begins and ends well.’**

Model Derek Zoolander‘s names his eponymous pose Blue Steel.

Your Blue Steel, though, is a heart thing, not a face thing.  it is the intensity you feel deep down inside to do something which may place you out of step with many others. When others seek safety, you know safety is a place to venture out from and return to, but not to live permanently.

It begins with how you connect to who or what we must be about at the beginning of each day – perhaps a ritual or habit that makes this possible and you would painfully miss if it were somehow not available.  It says, “I am armed and dangerous for something purposeful and wonderful.”

Often unnoticed, you make a difference in the fabric of someone’s universe.

(*Joel McKerrow, quoted in the Northumbria Community‘s Morning Prayer.)
(**From John Ortberg’s All the Places.)

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