When we comprehend

Comprehend: to grasp and to bring together.

When we comprehend we are doing something new with what we have noticed, with what we have received.  It is pivotal for turning something we have received into something we make available to others.  Placing it literally on a larger canvas, Kelvy Bird writes:

‘Scribes create visual structures that aid in navigating disconnects.  In doing so, we balance the challenges of the times with the hopes of our times. […] This demands constant fluidity between sensing, comprehending, and crafting.’*

Bird is speaking about visual scribes but we each have the capacity to be generative with what we are noticing and receiving.

I’ve been writing about curation recently:

‘Curation is where acts of selecting and arranging add value. … At its broadest curation is a way of managing abundance.’**

This generative work is curation, in which particular things we notice and care about are brought together in some new way and made available to others.

(*From Kelvy Bird’s Generative Scribing.)
(**From Michael Bhaskar’s Curation.)

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