Gifted or what?

‘Between the time a gift comes to us and the time we pass it along, we suffer gratitude.  Moreover, with gifts that are agents of change it is only when the gift has working in us, only when we have come up to its level, as it were, that we can give it away again.


Once a gift has come to us it is up to us to develop it.’*

Whether we see this day as a gift from the universe or god, there is something about it that is true.  It is incomplete, it will not lay things out to us as if on a plate.  It doesn’t need to.  We must be or do something with it, to it, in it.  Thankfully, the human life comes with imagination, an ally of human curiosity.

It is why a day isn’t all that it appears to be and can be what we imagine it to be:

‘And I hope there will always be an edge between the known and the unknown, beyond which lies strangeness and unpredictability.’**

(*From Lewis Hyde’s The Gift.)
(**From Alan Lightman’s The Accidental Universe.)


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