A wandering mind

‘For not letting my mind wander and roam, I must blame myself.’*

Capitalism and technology don’t always help us use our imaginations.  Often they get in the way.  Some years ago, I read Jack Welch’s encounter with someone who’d worked for many years in General Electric.  Under Welch’s leadership GE had instigated innovative time for people in its companies. The worker had said For twenty five years you have paid for my hands; all that time you could have had my brain for free.**

The world is better when we let our minds wander.  We can take our advancements and do good and beautiful things with them.  There’s often a separation between technology and the common good but the opening of the mind for imagination can produce more.

‘Our role is to help uncover and release the promise of union that is in all things.


Jung observes that the marriage of opposites leads to pregnancy’.^

A rebirthing of human ingenuity.

Wander on.

(*From Alan Lightman’s A Sense of the Mysterious.)
(**From either Jack Welch’s Straight From the Gut or Winning.)
(^From Philip Newell’s The Rebirthing of God.)


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