connectors and disconnectors

27 if you like

‘In fact, the world is so intertwingled that it may very well be impossible for any piece of information to exist disconnected from everything else.’*

Everything is connected, everything exists in relationship to everything else.  We can’t deal with this all the time so we have to separate.

We have become so adept at separating and can forget to reconnect again.

Nazi death-camp survivor Viktor Frankl developed logotherapy (a therapy of meaning) to help people to connect to a meaningful life, connect difficulty to a redemptive perspective, and connect with others or an other who loves you unconditionally.**

The future is connected and connecting.

Whilst severe disconnectors comes in the form of pride, greed, and foolishness, we have the power to connect. Humility, gratitude, and faithfulness enable us to reach out to those around us,  the universe, and our future Self – head, heart, and will.

I have to ask myself: Am I connector or disconnector?

Here’s a longer excerpt from Joseph Jaworski’s Source, which I thought would be interesting for thinking about deep connectedness.  Jaworski quotes cardiologist and researcher Pim van Lommel who sees the universe as a field of knowledge, wisdom and unconditional love.  We know the universe yields to scientific analysis, but it also opens to the intuitive – scientists and artists, connected:

“This extended or enhanced consciousness is based on indestructible and constantly evolving fields of information where all knowledge, wisdom, and unconditional love are present and available, and these fields of consciousness are stored in a dimension without our concept of time and space, with non-local and universal interconnectedness.  One could call this our Higher consciousness, Divine consciousness, Cosmic consciousness.”^

(*From Sunni Brown’s The Doodle Revolution.)
(**See Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning.)
(^Pim van Lommel quoted in Joseph Jaworski’s Source.)

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