in the disconnect

25 everything is

What if the Human Future could be modelled on a person’s life?

What if your life was chosen to model this future?

What would our future be like?

What would you do differently?

We all have the opportunity to shape the future, though it is something we do together, in millions and billions and trillions of interactions.  The reality of this invites us to live more imaginatively than we do in the space between possibilities.

It is in the disconnect of who we are and who we can be we find ourselves most alive.  Whilst we are drawn towards certainty, we are most alive in our struggles with bringing into being what do not exist.

We want life to work with immediacy like flicking an electric switch.  Yet, when we think about it, life has been stronger and more vibrant for us when we have hurt with hope for something out of reach, when we have failed and learned and failed again.

‘That delay, that hallway, the moment of indecision, the time when we get it and don’t get it at the same time, that’s what freedom feels like.’*

When life asks you to play, and you do not know what to do, then, in this moment, you know, this really matters.

(From Seth Godin’s It’s Your Turn.)

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