opps and ops

26 we are to be

When a friend was heading off on a work trip to Africa, and I would be cat-sitting, she asked if I could put What’s app on my phone to make it easier and cheaper to stay in touch.  So I did.

An app is the software, like skills and abilities.

An opp is what we do with these.  The opportunity to do something from necessary to amazing.  We’re moving into a brave new world in which, with imagination, opps abound.

Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler report the coming of a Cambrian explosion in robotics, replacing Humans in manufacturing.  Dan Barry adds:

“If I were an exponential entrepreneur looking to create tremendous value, I’d look for those jobs that are least enjoyable for humans to do … .”*

And the other side of this? Seth Godin sees coming a rise in the value of ideas.**

I was reflecting on all of this whilst pondering how we can finish life well, whatever our past experiences and history.

This is where ops come in.

Ops are options.  The possibility of switching from one course of action to another is an option.  And so too is the possibility of switching from one life course to another.

In this brave new world, there will be more ideas, more options, more opportunities, which in turn create a braver new world.

All around, there are companies of dreams coming together, nurturing and enabling people to add more opps to their lives.

“We are to be, not to be like.”^

(*From Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler’s Bold.)
(**See Seth Godin’s Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck?)
(^Shared by my friend Diallo Smith in one such company of dreams.  I use company in its original sense of a group of people sharing bread together.)

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