five dream awareness

28 we cannot

Donald Miller got me thinking with his comments about how the industrial revolution disconnected men from the wellbeing of their families, focusing their sense of worth on efficiency and productivity, leaving the more intimate practice of bringing up children to women.*

Things are changing but the memes take a little longer to shake off.

For me, reinforces for me how, when we have a dream, we’re really having five dreams.  Every dream is like an iceberg with four more dreams lying beneath the surface.

Miller had brought a consultant in to help his business grow:

‘Dan said unless I had healthy relationships, I was doomed.’*

Here are the five dreams:**

Work: the art or contribution you must bring into the world (also described as vocation, calling, element, purpose, bliss;

Relationships: we are Human together, so who are the others you need to connect with and the toxics you may need to disconnect with? – it is also about our relationship with the universe;

Finance: the thing which cannot be ignored if you want to pursue your work and care for those who matter most – this connects with your job and maybe your work;

Health: you can’t do any of the above as you want to without pursuing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing;

Spirituality: which can be about god or not, but is always about your higher values and Self out from which you live your life.

You’ll have spotted, none of these are static.

Always changing and changing again, they’re critical to feeling for and being open to the emerging future.  When we’re “five dream-aware” we’re more able to sense everything the future can be and is moving towards us.

(*See Donald Miller’s Scary Close.)
(**You may come up with better ones towards wholeness.)


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