get out of the way

25 more is sometimes less

‘The key … is … to bring forth the emerging reality as it desires.  To act on behalf of the future in this way requires a deep sense of responsibility and selflessness.’*

‘The ones who speak love into our lives have an eternal way about them.’*

The future will be shaped by those prepared to bring their foresight, intention, and love.

Whether our contribution is big or small isn’t what matters – everyone’s contribution is welcomed. What will be important is our ability to get out the way and allow what is emerging in the life of another, in a tribe or organisation, in a community or culture.

On Wednesday, I found myself in a room with a company of people doing just this.  There’s  was an idea of event shared, but then those who’d everyone together got out of the way, asking everyone to shape what this event will be, this small act of the emerging future.

(*From Joseph Jaworski’s Source.)
(**From Donal Miller’s Scary Close.)

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