creative tension

21 creative tension

Creative tension exists between reality and vision.

It’s not just about how we think and act towards shaping the future.  It’s also about how we feel – usually negative emotions like anxiety, stress, judgement, and hopelessness.

The temptation then is to reduce our aspirations because we can do something about this.

We try to ignore our emotions and instead reach out for some comfort in someone or something.

When we face our emotions, they subside; they can even be transformed into positive energy to use creatively.  This energy transformation is one of the biotic principles I’ve mentioned which make it possible to learn from the natural world and how it works.

John O’Donohue puts it nicely when he writes:

‘In the neglected crevices and corners of your evaded solitude, you will find the treasure you always sought somewhere else. … Unless you find belonging in your solitude, your external longing remains needy and driven.’*

(*From John O’ Donohue’s Anam Cara.)

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