what is my task today?

22 your mission today

‘In shaping life beyond the Bubble, many visions will be needed.’*

The Bubble being the unsustainable present.  The same old same old what you see is all there is of economy, society, and the natural world.

Simply redefining life in the Bubble will not be enough.

Life beyond the Bubble will require new-ancient attributes and skills on our part.  Humility, gratitude, and faithfulness will not only allow us to survive but thrive.

Humility is about accepting the fullness of who we are.
Gratitude about recognising all we have.
Faithfulness about identifying ways and means of living these out towards others.

The practice of these leads to inward and outward alignment, and alignment is powerful:

‘An inner alignment starts to develop that can release extraordinary energy and creativity, qualities previously dissipated by denial, inner contradictions, and unawareness of the situation and oneself.’*

There is a boundarylessness to be explored – taking everything we are into everything we do.

What is my task today?

I could say it’s getting on with moving things from our old home to our new, but it’s more.

My task today is to be as Human as I can be.

‘There is a deep beauty within each person. … In the real sense, beauty is the illumination of your soul.’^

(*From Peter Senge’s The Necessary Revolution.)
(**From John O’Donohue’s Anam Cara.)

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