20 our values

Companies are beginning to eliminate the manufacturing of waste.  Xerox put a lot of effort into a new line of copiers which were 97% recyclable.  Drivers of electric vehicles will lease rather than buy their fuel cells, meaning these remain the responsibility of the manufacturer.

I began thinking yesterday about how we are learning more from nature, Peter Senge using the phrase “nature’s constraint” as the starting  point for what we imagine and invent.

This got me thinking about nature’s constraint on Human life, how we can eliminate waste, especially how we can be less wasteful with what each person is capable of whilst they walk this planet.

Life coach and influencer Michael Heppell – his goal is to positively influence one million lives – encourages us to identify our values, or create new ones, if necessary:

‘I want you to live these values, I want you to feel these values, every day.’*

Knowing what is important to in life is an important part of preventing waste, and, add, knowing and employing skills and talents in service of values.

Though, if we can’t see there’s more to our life than meets the eye, there’s going to be waste.

And wanting to be better than the rest is wasteful of everyone else’s talents.  Far less wasteful is to look for ways to bring the best out of others.

(*From Michael Heppell’s How To Be Brilliant.)

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