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There are different ways to be wrong, but here are two important ones when it comes to change.

When we are wrong in the eyes of others – even when we are trying to be right.  It’s uncomfortable,and we’d rather make change with the approval of all.

When we question what has become set, still, standard, and static, we will have to be seen – by some, not all – to be the heretic we really are.

We always have to be ready to be wrong in this way when it comes to what we believe is right.  This is the kind of wrong which exists within integrity and wholeness.

The second way to be wrong is when we’re simply wrong.  This kind of wrong is also very important because it probably shows we’re trying things and taking risks.  The genius here is in recognising this, apologising, and beginning again.

We can be both wrong and wrong and yet right; as Alex McManus offers in what is more a poem than sentence: ‘We are a mystery wrapped in a question.’

Or, as Albert Espinosa puts it: ‘My life is made up of moments and odours, and they are what make me what I am.’

We will always be wrong, but the key is knowing what kind of wrong we are being in this moment, and pressing on or apologising.

Wrong is right because it offers us both movement and openness.

We are more Human Becomings than we are Human Beings, and we are still becoming.*

(Human Becomings is a concept explored by Alex McManus.)

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