the question

29 no matter

Yesterday, I spent seven hours with a great group of people working on innovative learning.

We answered the following questions:

What does innovative learning mean to you?
What does learning and innovative learning look like to you now?
How do you see the world of learning or innovative learning around you in the future you imagine?
How will we as a community operate to make the themes we have chosen happen?

I really enjoyed joining them as they pursued their question and loved their imagination and creativeness, as well as their focus so that, by the end of the day, they had two ideas to develop.

It’s important we join others when they’re asking their questions, but each of us has a question we must pursue ourselves.

You may not have articulated this yet.  It’s likely to be a question no one else is asking, at least in the way you are.  It’s more than one question – one question leads to another, to another, to another, taking you the journey your life is asking you to make.  This may sound unnerving but, whilst it may not be easy, your life will never ask something of you it doesn’t believe you can do.

Whilst the question leads you into the future, it’s very much focused on now.  It will ask you something you keep noticing or wish to change or want to make and will require close observing, listening, and sensing (empathy) to be revealed.

‘The difference between just asking a question or pursuing it is the difference between flirting with an idea or living with it.’*

What is the question you cannot not pursue?

(*From Warren Berger’s A More Beautiful Question.)


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