there’s only now

30 who's time

“Live in the present, that’s all there is.”

I’m listening to the radio as Dr Robert of The Blow Monkeys is talking about the band’s latest album If Not Now, When?

I get what he means.

We can’t live in past time – it’s gone.  Neither can we live in future time it’s not here yet.  I also know, when I try and live in the past, it can often be about regrets, and when I try and live in the future it can be about what I have to get done: worry and angst whichever way I look.

To be present is critical to living life fully.

However …

We can miss how “Now” is heavily nuanced with deep time.*  When I realise this, I am able to visit both the past and the future to be more present now.  I find I remember the past more healthily – such as when I realise my failures are things to learn from and grow, and I can shape a better future through foresight, intention, and love.

We all can learn to live in deep time: in the nowness each day brings I am learning to be more present, now.

‘The Self wishes to create to evolve.  The Ego likes things just the way they are.’**

(*A phrase used by Richard Rohr in Falling Upward.)
(**From Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art.)

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