The vastness of small

[V]astness is repeated in every system of our lives.  If we only care enough to zoom.*
(Seth Godin)

In a superabundant economy, there are countless niches to make money in, with more emerging all the time.**
(Chris Worth)

There’s a vastness to be discovered as we zoom out into space and there is a vastness to be discovered as we zoom in on life, and especially fascinating to me is the vastness to be discovered in a person’s life.

Also, around and in-between the larger expressions of work we’re familiar with are many smaller spaces to inhabit and flourish with our unique blend of values, talents and energies. They’re worthwhile hanging around with playfulness:

It turns out that many of the best ideas we have start out as filler. Stuff in the margins. Last-minute extras simply to fill space. Because the stakes are low and our defences are down.^

*From Seth Godin’s blog: Zooming in – the magic of looking more closely
**Chris Worth’s post for gapingvoid’s blog: The go-to guy vs. the already-here guy.
^From Seth Godin’s blog: The stuff in the margins.

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