the next obstacle

28 any ideas

There always is one.

It’s the way of a physical universe which doesn’t have to choose to do good or bad, but simply is being what it is.

‘The great law of nature is that it never stops. There is no end.  Just when yu think you’ve successfully navigated one obstacle, another emerges.’*

Good and bad is the understanding we place on “happenings.”  We know what makes life better or worse, and in our facing of obstacles we are also facing possibilities for becoming more Human, together.

The first elemental truth is: Life is hard.  The fourth is : You’re not in control.

We better get used to it.

I am so small in a vast universe, yet I can be big part of bettering the life of another.

We have to master our lives, which requires we describe the reality of who we are, discern meaning in what we find, and discover ways into the future.

We can do this together.  One movement of people discovered the way into the future began with awareness, then moved through love (life with others), ingenuity (identify uniqueness), and heroism (delivery).**

Erwin McManus captures well the possibilities in the obstacle we face:

‘The greatest art is an intersection of contrasts.  There is hope in the midst of pain, love in the midst of betrayal, courage in the midst of mystery.  To turn our lives into masterpieces is to know both pain and healing, despair and hope, darkness and light.’^

(*From Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle is the Way.)
(**From Chris Lowney’s Heroic Leadership: Awareness, Ingenuity, Love, Heroism.  I have altered the order of these to compare and contrast with Theory U.)
(^From Erwin McManus’s The Artisan Soul.)

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