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There is so much of life we can’t see when we are in the flow of it.  But when we read or hear a story, or watch a film, we sense something more and feel it deeply.

Robert McKee holds this is the power of story, allowing us to reflect on the action of our lives we otherwise find so difficult because we’re caught up in all the movement.

Long before we could pick up a book or see a story played out on a screen, people paused, reflected, meditated, stilled themselves, or prayed – attempts ‘to enter into harmony with the deeper rhythms of life.’*

These are all threshold practices, allowing us to connect this life – the number of years gifted to us by and within the universe – with Human spirit and soul, meaning and purpose.

The poet Muriel Rukeser puts this well when she declares, “The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.”**  She has crossed a threshold from life to spirit.

To take time to observe ourselves observing, is to enter into what my friend Alex McManus would call a blue moment, a hyperlink, taking us to previously unseen realities.**

The world is full of blue spaces and people and objects.  Ultimately, these allow us to cross thresholds of increasing intensity: into greater knowing, into greater  connecting, and into greater activity.

Of course, we can come upon these blue spaces by accident, but we can come upon more through intention.

And then, we will be filled with awe.

(*From John O’Donohue’s Eternal Echoes.)
(Quoted in Alex McManus’s Makers of Fire.)

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