of the earth

29 no repeats

The meaning of humility (humus).

I’ve shared elsewhere how humility is having a true perspective and understanding of oneself – not some depreciating opinion.

Connecting us to the soil – which receives and grows many things – John O’Donohue offers us a great description of humility:

‘Now, like the silent earth, the cradle of all growth, you too can watch the stirring of a new springtime in the clay of your heart. You gain more courage.  You become surer about what you are and you no longer need to force either image or identity.  When you come into rhythm with your nature, things happen of themselves.’*

My dream is for people to awaken to who they are and what they can do.  Not to hesitate and step back from this, or to try and be someone they’re not.  Lives lived in this direction become a cradle for new growth, welcoming and hospitable to others, to the life of the earth, and to their future Self.

In this, each person finds their genius, the stand out contribution they have to make: unrepeatable.

Scarcity worldviews are cynical to the suggestion everyone has a standout contribution to make.  Abundance world views know, however, there will be a right situation or context for everyone to bring their creative dissonant, edgy voice.

Have fun growing things.

(*From John O’Donohue’s Eternal Echoes.)

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