a land i do not know

27 faith and hope and

Our imaginations thrive in the dissonance between how things are and how they can be.  But to imagine is not to dream delusionally.

The imagining person seeks to understand and know more about here and now -relentlessly defining reality – whilst also listening for weak signals (of what might be) from the future.  She constantly scans and interacts with stories and people.  And she does this through the highest personal understanding  of her skills, passions, and experiences.

It’s a crazy thing.  The future she imagines does not exist.  It is a land she does not know.

The land she does know is full of things and people and finance, full of roles and titles – tangible things.  This journey into the future will require she lets go of many of the things she cannot and should not take with her.*

Yet, through her future-sensing abilities of faith and hope, she will brings all she is and all she to bear on forming the future possibilities: she will “make the path by walking.”*

It has always been so, and now it’s your turn.

(*Alex McManus suggests she will have to let go of truth to take hold of trust, let go of  doctrine for direction, cultural power for spirit, and certainty for faith.  The quoting of Antonio Machadoalso appears in Alex’s Makers of Fire.)

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