to be human

26 no matter

What does it mean to you to be Human?

A question about our past or our future?

When I was first asked this question it profoundly changed the direction of my thinking and life.*

It’s arguably the most important question of our time.

Meaning is oxygen, oxygen is meaning in our triad of fire (artefacts as fuel, our creativity as heat, and oxygen).  Meaning is ever expanding and deepening, and it is why we are still here and moving towards the future.**

Such meaning, as we explore it and espouse it together, is the only preparation we can make to encounter the future, otherwise, Seth Godin is right to say, ‘We are unprepared to do something for the first time always.’^

When we are caught up in an exploration of being Human we’ll find ourselves caught up in bringing something beautiful and previously unimagined into the world.

“When the universe makes you wonder, all is as it should be.”^^

(*I’ve mentioned elsewhere how my friend and mentor Alex McManus asked this of a group he was working with.  It led me to a lot of reflection and personal definition: To be Human is to live with creativity, generosity, and enjoyment.  Of course, there are as many definitions as there are Humans.)
(**In a way which increasingly regards and respects all species of creature and the planet we share.)
(^From Seth Godin’s It’s Your Turn.  My ongoing encouragement is for us to see humility, gratitude, and faithfulness as means of preparing for creating the future: these creating capacity in us to deal with the complexity of existence.)
(^^Cirque de Soleil’s Varekai, quoted in Alex McManus’s Makers of Fire.)

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