the problem with maps and technology

5 fail and fail and fail again 1

Maps can tell us where we are or where we can go.

Technology can be another way of doing what we’ve always done, or enable us to change and do something different.

There’s no problem with maps and technology, just how we use them.

We are a paradoxical species, with our addiction to certainty and staticity at the same time as needing to connect, to become, to journey.

Something each day provides is the opportunity to explore.

Enjoy today.

‘But we so want to become human.  That
longing may be the most human thing
about us.  We are a paradox.  We are an
anomaly of nature: evolutionary instinct
coupled with revolutionary imagination
covered in technological capacity to see
the universe with life.  And all along we
long for any and every clue to the meaning
of us.’*

(From Alex McManus’s Makers of Fire.)
(Cartoon: Seth Godin’s quote comes from one of his books – I can’t remember which at the moment, but I always thought it was a great title for a book.  Robert the Who?)

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