transparent concrete

there's more to you ...

In the fourth Star Trek movie The Voyage Home, Scotty promises the 20th century perspex manufacturer the makeup of transparent aluminum (that’s aluminium).

I’m not sure we’ll ever compound such a material but transparent concrete is already here.

When we are prepared to go beneath the surface of What You See Is All There Is (WYSIATI) in relation to people, the world, and our selves, life becomes concrete.

If I see more, there’s a greater chance I’ll be open to more, and then I may try things which I have never tried before and, then, the future becomes more visible, more transparent.

When we stop and see someone for who they are in their uniqueness, the world for what it is beyond our consumption, and ourselves for who we are becoming, then a breathtaking future comes into view.

The more concreteness, the more transparency.


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