air, sun, rain, and beauty

disruptive idea number one

I must cut the grass – my study looks onto the front garden.

“Mowing the lawn” sounds too grand an expression for the rough patches of green we have around our home – mixed with some shrubs and a mongrel hedge (conifer, berberis, lilac, holly, and a couple of things, I don’t recognise).  But this is part of our little contribution to interacting with nature … and it’s important.

The future is connected: connecting with people, with our future Self,* and with the world.

Otto Scharmer is one of many who see our connection with the world as being an essential element in moving towards our emerging future.  We are not apart from it but part of the ecosystems which make up our world – and each day gifts us air and sun and rain, and, yes, beauty.

As we look out across our galaxy, we catch something of the incredible privilege which is ours as Humans.

‘Only when we make a deep vow to the rivers, oceans,
hills, and mountains that offer us a home – only then can
they become transparent and reveal to us their real meaning.’

Then what may seem a strange juxtapose: James McQuivey suggests the business future will contain disposable companies – companies which thrive for a necessary time and then close or are sold for the benefit of the employees.  This may sound very environmentally wasteful, but I wonder.  I wonder whether short-term endeavours which are totally recyclable for the benefit of all concerned – rather than growing bigger and bigger and producing more and more faster and faster – will be feasible – a triple bottom line of how does this benefit people, our planet, and personal needs?

McQuivey caught my eye with his hope for such companies to be connected through openness and sharing – some of the most disruptive values and behaviours on the planet.

(*Which always includes our values and beliefs.)



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