time to give up

gifts are the essence of art

Not yet.

Not if what you are pursuing is the thing you know you must do.

I don’t mean having some vague hope of being able to one day do the things you hope to get good at; I mean  that thing you do when your skills are creatively engaged by your passions.*

It’s hard, I know.  It will feel like your over-investing time and money and energy and you can’t give any more, but if it matters to you, this is what it takes.

What you need, you’ve already got in abundance.

You find it in the integrity of your knowing who you are and what you can do (and, equally, knowing who you are not and what you can’t do), and knowing you are whole enough, having all the resources you need to be creative right now.  What this adds up to is, you are able to keep going further than others who don’t have the skills or the passion or always think they need something more.

What you do doesn’t have to matter to me.  It most definitely must matter to you.  This is what matters to me.

Having this awareness and this attitude helps is to wrestle with a Human weakness we are not aware of.  Daniel Kahneman tells us, ‘when faced with a difficult question, we often answer an easier one instead, usually without noticing the substitution.’

You can always find an easier question, and then an easier answer might well be to give up.   because you’re answering a question which isn’t the important one for you: “Who will employ me?” when the question might be, “How can I make what I do even more amazing?”

If you give up your art won’t be available to disrupt the world with goodness and rightness.

(*If skills and passion aren’t present then maybe it is time to give up and find the thing you must do.)

5 thoughts on “time to give up

  1. Slogging through promoting “Wrong Word Write Time” and this reminder to honestly check that the skills and passion are there is just the tonic. It’s not about employment or anything like that. It’s a need to create and share and discover. Thanks for this post, Geoffrey.

  2. Cheers, Ricky. I’m glad to hear this. You’re right to describe it how you do. The stuff you must do is what you’d do even if you weren’t paid for it. Also, we’re motivated to do the not so energising stuff in pursuit of this.

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