aiming at a pass

until we are free to think ...

Is risky because you may not make it.

But aim for more than a pass and even if things go badly you’ll probably make it.

I’m thinking about life, of course, and the stakes are high.

Nature doesn’t aim at a pass.  Or, to put this another way, nature is prepared to fail in innumerable ways to succeed in many.

As Humans, we get to live disruptive lives, challenging what is with what is not yet – the adjacent possibility.  Tina Seelig tells her classes, she’ll be giving her very best every time she turns up to teach, and expects the same from them.  Daniel Coyle reminds us, our brains grow when they are challenged.

To be aware of something is better than not being aware.  You might get the right answers in a test and get a pass.

To understand something takes us into a different world.  When we understand something we see the elements or parts of something, and can take them apart and put them together in different ways, maybe with things from other places.  This is innovation, the adjacent possible.

The things you are curious about are your starting places.  Dig deep.  How does it work, how do others work with this, what happens if you mix this with that?

Many thoughts, many ideas, many possibilities sown in fertile soil are better than aiming at a pass.

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