all for one and one for all


Say the three flaneurs.

It occurred to me, These are three characters in my story – three key words: humility, generosity, and faithfulness.*  They are becoming constant companions, co- flaneurs.

I realise I’ve met many people who aren’t the main characters in their own lives. They go through their  entire lives without knowing who they are, so intent are they, for some reason or other, on following other people’s scripts for their lives.

But people who know who they, what they have, and what they can do are better able to serve others in sustainable and innovative ways.^

They hang around, spending time with us, helping us become people of: integrity – connected and connecting; wholeness – given and giving; and, perseverance – moving forward and going further.**

Have we got a story yet?

(^Those who see every day as a gift to do this.)
(*A name I’m grateful to Nassim Taleb for; the original meaning is for an idler or dawdled, but I use it in sense of purposefully accompanying me through life – something I hope I can do with others.)
(**These words are key words I keep returning to. Integrity is connectedness to my future Self, others, and the world of which I am a part; wholeness is understanding I have enough in my life – resources, people, skills – to act right now; and, perseverance is about going further and keeping going with what it is I must do.)


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