another way of thinking about stories


Story doesn’t tell you what you’ve done, but what you will do.

Your passion and talents aren’t enough to craft a great story. Your story is about how it all comes together in a way you can deliver to the people you are thinking of as “customers” for your art.

As you work your art new ideas appear and you’re not sure which ones to pursue.

Towards this, here are some helpful thoughts from James McQuivey, towards setting loose the genius of your art towards changing the world – even if it’s one person’s world.

Identify which of your customer’s needs your new idea meets – this may be the person you serve, your audience, your client, your friend, your neighbour.

Then, what are the benefits for others – hopefully more than one for it to be something remarkable – literally to be remarked upon from person to person?

It has to be meaningful to you, so which needs are meet in you, what are the benefits for you?

Finally, you can identify the “product” you’re going to produce out from your idea?

This process – customer, benefits, strategic outcome, product – is the way suggested by James McQuivey for digital disruptors offers us a way for creating disruptive stories – stories that go somewhere because they do something.

This struck me as important because our stories are our lives, and we want them to do something and go somewhere.

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