how to disrupt


We’re either disruptors or need to be disrupted.

Or we can learn to disrupt ourselves.

Here’s how we can do it.

Disrupt what we see and know by “reading”* for more information. But we want to do more than win pub quizzes and go home.

So we disrupt our hearts by reading with the aim of changing yourself, or something that matters to us. But at some point we have to begin.

Now, we read with our will, finding the thing we need to jump.

James McQuivey offers three disruptive words to move us forward across the borders of seeing more, feeling more, and doing more.**

How? makes us search for possibilities for moving from closed minds to open minds.

Who? makes us search for the connections with other that matter, and it gets personal.

What? makes us search to focus on the exact thing we MUST do when we jump with our heart fully engaged.

(*Books, people, events, experiences.)
(**McQuivey offers these words for companies and institutions, but they work well for individuals.)

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