Believing is seeing

What we call imagination is from the first an attribute of the senses themselves; imagination is not a separate mental faculty (as we often assume) but is rather a way the senses themselves have of throwing themselves beyond what is immediately given, in order to make tentative contact with the other side of things that we do not see directly, with the hidden or invisible aspects of the sensible.*
David Abram

The first great wonder at the world is big in me.**
Margaret Wise Brown

Victor Meldrew could see it right in front of his eyes, but
declared “I don’t believe it!”
He didn’t want to see it and, so, wouldn’t believe.
When we understand that “to believe” derives from “to love” or “hold dear,”
We understand that if we love something, or
someone, even though we can’t see something right now,
We will keep looking.
And that ultimately means we will be seeing more.

*Maria Popova’s The Marginalian: Ecologist and Philosopher David Abram on the Language of Nature and the Sacred Wisdom of the More-Than-Human World;
Bruce Handy’s Wild Things.

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