Life is way more interesting with gratitude

Walking on earth is a miracle! We do not have to walk in space or on water to experience a miracle. The real miracle is to be awake in the present moment. Walking on the green earth, we can realise the wonder of being alive.*
Thich Nhat Hahn

Maybe we can at least learn to listen again to the world. Who knows into what secrets that may lead us.**
Kenneth White

The thing is,
Noticing not only leads to gratitude – which is
a reward in itself, but also to
What may happen that we otherwise
would miss.
And noticing is something we can learn and develop:
Here’s a good place to begin, according to Verlyn Klinkenborg::
Start by learning to recognise what interests you.
Most people have been taught that what they notice
doesn’t matter,
So they never learn how to notice,
Not even what interests them.^

We’ll then find ourselves becoming interested in
more and more.
In alliance with this, it’s good to slow down,
To mould a place for rest, apart
from our activities, as Michel de Montaigne counsels:
We must reserve a back room,
[arrière-boutique: “behind the shop”]
wholly our own and entirely free,
wherein to settle our true liberty,
Our principal solitude and retreat.^^

*Mary Ruth Bolz and Barbara Flynn’s Midwives of An Unnamed Future;
**Philip Newell’s Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul;
^Verlyn Klinkenborg’s Several short sentences about writing;
^^Annie Murphy Paul’s The Extended Mind.

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