I’ll be there in a moment

A more fruitful approach to the challenge of living more fully in the moments starts from noticing that you are, in fact, always already living in the moment anyway, whether you live it or not.*
Oliver Burkeman

This is the pleasure of limits, the fun of play. Not doing what we want, but doing what we can with what is given.**
Ian Bogost

There are no age rules when it comes
to how invaluable a moment can be –
Nor background, gender or ethnicity rules.
In a moment,
You may make a life-altering decision,
Be wowed by a scene you are looking upon,
Inspired by an idea you have wandered into,
Enriched by something you realise, and,
If nothing else,
You can listen for what
a moment is asking of you.
Thank you to Oliver Burkeman
for reminding us that we are alredy
living in moments like these.

*Oliver Burkeman’s Four Thousand Weeks;
**Ian Bogost’s Play Anything

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