Whatever the reason, we generate the meaning we need i the moment. The act of reinterpretation is fundamentally an act of agency; it give us a sense of control and confidence at exactly the moment we feel out of control and lacking confidence. Retelling our story accelerates our recover.*
Bruce Feiler

Given that storms are a certainty in life, there are basically
two responses available to us:
We can try to avoid them –
The problem is, we cannot avoid them all – or
we can prepare ourselves for them.
One way to do this is by
revisiting past storms.
Brené Brown suggests three components to this:
Firstly, the reckoning
is a revisiting with curiosity of your past storm-experience;
The rumble is about
honestly wrestling with
all your stormy feelings and thoughts;
The revolution involves creating
a new and better ending –
Which becomes preparation for the next storm.
In doing so, we have become
less a victim and more an agent.

*Bruce Feiler’s Life Is In the Transitions.

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