Something wildly wonderful in you

The best stories are vulnerable but not raw; they come from scars not wounds.*
Bruce Feiler

Almost everyone is screwed up, broken, clingy, scared, and yet designed for joy.**
Anne Lamott

The things we’ve got wrong,
The messes we’ve made,
The errors we’ve perpetrated,
The flaws that adorn and decorate our lives,
These work against us,
Dictating our teleos,
Reducing our options –
It seems not;
There is not only reality but also
imagination –
And when these play together, something
wildly wonderful emerges.

Mythology opens the world so that it becomes transparent to something that is beyon speech, beyond words – in short, what we call transcendence.^

*Bruce Feiler’s Life Is In the Transitions;
**Maria Popova’s The Marginalian: Anne Lamott on Forgiveness, Self-Forgiveness, and the Relationship Between Brokenness and Joy;
^Joseph Campbell: from Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers’ The Power of Myth.

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