Trying on a new story

As our circumstances change, we need to tell our stories differently in order to bring out their timeless truth.*
Karen Armstrong

That’s what humans do: we make and remake our stories, abandoning the ones that longer fit and trying on new ones for size.**
Katherine May

Our ego, or false self, is the
restricting, constricting
us to be less than we can be.
Each one of us struggles with false versions of our self,
Sunil Raheja’s^ four signs of egocentricity helping us to see
just how:
Playing the comparison game,
Needing to display our brilliance,
Needing to be liked and accepted.

These shape a story we find ourselves living within,
But the good news is that we can tells our stories differently.
It is possible to be the brilliant and unique person that
you are,
Shaped by
humility and
gratitude and
Perhaps counterintuitively,
These remove the restrictions,
Setting us free.

*Karen Armstrong’s A Short History of Myth;
**Katherine May’s Wintering;

.^Sunil Raheja’s Dancing With Wisdom

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