There’s a lot of truth around and we all have some of it, but no-one has all of it

On a quest, the process of transformation is at least as important, maybe more so, than the destination we’re trying to reach.*
Sunil Raheja

“So far” and “not yet” are the foundation of every successful journey.**
Seth Godin

“But it’s true!”
So what,
Badness is true, but we don’t want more of that,
We want
more goodness –
Humility, gratitude and faithfulness are truths that show
much promise.
The best truth transforms us in this direction
and is always a work in progress.
If I see you’re really trying hard with your truth
then it may well set me a little more

*Sunil Raheja’s Dancing With Wisdom;
**Seth Godin’s The Practice.

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